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Nette or Never Ending Technology Tips for Everyone is created and updated by Jeanette, or Nette as my grandchildren call me. As I teach classes on campus I find some tips that make using a computer and the programs much easier to work with. I am including these tips on this page and will update as I find them, so check back often. If you find something that you think others would like to know please send me an email to gribble@dickinson.edu with the details and I will be glad to post it here.

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PC Computer Tips

Word 2010
  • Reveal Formatting - Shift + F1
  • Repeat Function - F4 will repeat the last function you did, try it!
  • Compare Documents - It used to be, when you wanted to compare two documents, you had to open them both and switch back and forth between them. On the Review tab, in the Compare group, click Compare, and then click Compare again. Enter the documents in the dialog box, and click OK.
  • Capital Letters - Imagine you have to edit an entire paragraph in that is in all capital letters! Select the words, hold the Shift key down & hit the F3 key. Try it three times to see the differences. It will change the words to all capitals, no capitals letters or first letter capitals on each word. If you have a period at the end of each sentence it will correct it too. Select two words, like Dickinson College or type a sentence in all capital letters. Give it a try & save time!
  • Word Auto Correct - Is word changing what you are typing & driving you crazy? Go into the AutoCorrect Options to find your solution. Click on the File tab, then Options, under Proofing you will find the AutoCorrect Options button. Look under AutoCorrect & AutoCorrect As You Type tabs. Make sure you click OK after any changes.
  • Crop Marks or Brackets in a Word driving you crazy? Here are the details to remove them.
  • Do you want to type some words bold & get annoyed you have to select them one at a time afterwards? Get into the File tab, Options, Proofing, Go into Auto Correction Options button, then in the Auto Format As You Type tab. Put a check beside *Bold*and Italic with real formatting, click OK twice. Now type a word that you want to be bold by first putting an asterix before and after the word. No spaces, like this " *bold* " , once you click the space bar after typing you will see a bold word. NICE!
  • Entire Sentence - Hold the CNTL & click anywhere within the sentence.
  • Verticle Selection of Text - To select text horizontally, press ALT and click to drag and make a selection.
  • Move a Row in Table - Select the text and ALT+SHIFT+Arrow keys either up or down.
  • Quickly Change Spacing - Select Text - CNTL + 1, CNTL +2 or CNTL + 5.
Outlook 2010
  • Email content to Make a Meeting Request - Creating a Meeting Request from an emails can be done by selecting on the email, and click on the Meeting icon found on the Home tab. A Meeting Request will come up with all the details from the email. Remember to click Save and Close. Your email will remain.
  • Organize Emails by Subject - You can change the subject of an email should you decide to file it for later use. Open the email, type a new subject and click Save. The Subject has been changed.
  • My 3 Favorite Outlook Shortcuts:
    CTRL+N Opens New Email Message
    CTRL+R Replies to the Selected Email Message
    CTRL+ENTER Sends the Email
  • Use Spacebar to read emails, Shift + Spacebar to go backwards. File, Options, Mail, Outlook Panes then Reading Pane. Check in Single Key, Reading Using Space bar.
PowerPoint 2010
  • Recording Narrations - PowerPoint lets you record narration for each slide. Slide Show tab, Record Narration, If you want to start from current slide just select Current Slide. Click save when finished and be sure to save the timings for each slide.
  • Posters - Need to make a poster? This is the easiest program to make one. Click here for step by step instructions.
Excel 2010
  • Select Entire Column - CTRL plus Spacebar
  • Select Entire Row - Shift plus Spacebar
  • Go to Top/Bottom of Column - Cntl + . (must have column selected)
  • Copy a Sheet - Hold the Cntl key down, click & drag the worksheet to the left. A new worksheet will appear, same name but a (2) in the name. Rename it.
  • Add Date or Time to a Cell - Cntl plus the ; or Cntl, Shift plus the ;
  • View two worksheets in different workbooks side-by-side - Switching back and forth between two worksheets can be done easily. On the View tab, in the Window group, click New Window. On the View tab, in the Window group, click View Side by Side. In the Compare Side by Side dialog box, click the worksheets that you want to compare. To scroll both worksheets at the same time, click Synchronous Scrolling in the Window group on the View tab.
  • Scroll Wheel Through Ribbon Tabs - Place the mouse pointer in the ribbon area at the top of the Excel program. Turn the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll through the different ribbon commands.
  • How to Select All Cells in a Worksheet with Data - Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Press and release the letter A key on the keyboard without releasing the Ctrl key.
  • How to Apply Currency Formatting using a Keyboard Shortcut - Press and hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on the keyboard. Press and release the number four key (4) on the keyboard without releasing the Ctrl key.
  • Too much text to fit into a cell? - Wrapping text simply breaks the text into multiple lines, instead of one long line. Select the cell (or cells) in which you want to wrap the text. On the Home tab in the Ribbon, look for the Alignment group & click Wrap Text
  • Watch Window under the Formula's tab let's you select cells in a separate window so you can watch them as you navigate to other sheets or workbooks and keep an eye on the details.
  • Add a Quick Chart - Click inside the worksheet data and hit F11, this will open a new worksheet with a chart. Otherwise Alt plus F1 for a chart on the same worksheet.
  • View Cells Quickly in a Formula - Hit F2 while cursor in cell that contains formula.
  • Trouble Sorting?- A space can create problems in a sort. Sometimes a space in the front of a name (first or last) can be hard to see at a glance. Click inside the cell & try removing a space. Save & sort again to see if it solves the problem.
  • Adding Color to a Worksheet Tab - Click on the Home Tab, then in the Cells grouping click on Format, Tab Color.
  • Marching Ants or Selection after Copy - After you select & copy in Excel you can hit the Esc key to stop those marching ants.
  • Show Formulas - Hold the Ctrl key down & click on the key to the left of the 1 key that has the ` & ~ on it. You then remove formulas the same way.
  • Quick AutoFill - Hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on the cell at bottom right, (skinny plus sign) then drag down.
  • Fill Handle - Instead of dragging the Fill Handle while holding down the left mouse button, try it by dragging with the right mouse button. When you release the mouse button, a menu will pop up giving you a list of fill options.
Windows XP & 7
  • Lock Your Computer - Click and hold down on the windows key (between the Alt and Cntl key) and then the L key.
  • Minimize All Windows - Want to minimize your windows all at once or when you are in the middle of a dialog box? It is easy, hold down the windows key (between the Alt and Cntl key) and then the D key.

Mac Computer Tips

  • Capturing a Picture of a Computer Screen - To get a picture of a screen on a mac computer hold down the Apple + Shift and then the 3 key. To get or select only a portion of the screen click on Apple + Shift then the 4 key.
  • Add Application to Dock - Open the Applications Folder to find the program and drag it onto the Dock. Remove it by dragging it into a blank area.
  • Email a Photo Quickly by dragging the photo right on top of the email program.
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These are the latest tutorials created & are all posted on the LIS tutorial page with the dates I posted them, newest first on list.

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