Dickinson College Campus Multifunctional Printers/Copiers

Quick Facts and Faq's

Wireless - Using a wireless laptop to print!

Swipeless - Release Print Job From Your Computer!

Pc's Choose Color - Staple & Hole Punch

Toshiba Print 11 x 17 Using Bypass Tray

Mac Color/Black & White Printing Presets

Job Status Details to Fix

Toshiba: Scanning & Copying methods with Step-by-Step Instructions

Toshiba: Logging In Procedures (3 ways):
  • Swipeless Printing from your computer, details here.
  • Hold your Dickinson id card at machine to print.
  • You can also type in your username & password. Touch the User id button, then the keyboard appears. Touch to type each letter for your username, then touch OK. Touch the Password button & type in your password. Notice the Shift key for any uppercase letters & Symbol for special characters.
  • By default all printing is duplex.
  • Please note you have 45 seconds of no activity & it will log you out.

Toshiba Printing Jobs From Your Computer - How to Steps:

  1. Print any files/pages from your computer. Then after you have logged into the copier/printer, swiping card, the User Information screen appears.
  2. Print Jobs Pending Release will show the list of jobs.
  3. Touch the Select Jobs button, then touch the Print button by each job you want printed.
  4. Notice the buttons for Print All, Refresh (if your job isn't showing up) & Back.
  5. The Cancel button will remove job from your list to be printed. Also after 24 hours all jobs are deleted.
  6. Press the Access key once or Function Clear button twice on key pad twice, or let it time out (45 seconds).

Toshiba Scan Paper/s & Save to Campus Network - How to Steps:

  1. Place a single paper face down on the glass. Put the top of the sheet face down, towards the left corner, where you see the white arrow. Multiple sheets of papers go into top tray, face up.
  2. Log into the printer/copier.
  3. Press the Scan button on keypad, then touch the File button. Touch the Remote 1 button, this will be the location on the network that scanned items will be scanned into.
  4. Touch the File Name button to rename the file. Touching backspace will remove the pre filled in File Name, then use typewriter keys to give it a name. Choose Multiple or Single page/s & leave File format at PDF. Touch OK.
  5. Touch Preview (recommended) if you want to see it after it is scanned. Press the blue Scan button to start scanning. It is very, very quiet.
  6. It will be scanned, saved as a file to a folder on the network. For example employees that work in the library, scans files go to P, Departments, LIS, then into the folder called Scanned Documents.
  7. Email helpdesk@dickinson.edu if you would like this set up in your departmental printer/copier. Include the printer type and printer id. (found on label in front of printer) Once the folder is set up then your liaison needs to visit your printer to set it up.
    Tip: To Scan in color, click on Scan Settings and under the Color Mode, touch Auto Color. Remember this will make the file large in size. Also if you have a lot of pages to copy you might want to change the dpi to 100, under Scan Settings, then Resolution. The machine does NOT need to be a color printer to scan in color, any machine will scan in color.

Toshiba Printing from USB or Jump Drive How To Steps:

  1. Locate the slot on printer to connect your USB into, front or side of machine and insert your device.
  2. Log into the printer/copier. After a few seconds, Found USB Device appears on the touch panel.
  3. Press the Print button on the key pad. Touch to select the Job Type on drop down menu.
  4. Touch USB. Select the file/s to print.
  5. Touch the Settings button. Set the number of copies & paper sizes & touch OK.
  6. Tao Print. Watch for the prompt to remove USB device when completed, found on bottom of screen.
  7. Press the Access key once or Function Clear button twice on key pad twice, or let it time out (45 seconds).
    NOTE: Only pdf's & jpgs, can be printed from the USB/Jump Drive.

Toshiba Print to 11 x 17 - How to Steps at the computer:
(for Toshiba's that only have letter sized paper trays)

  1. Do this at the computer, before you print it. Under File, Print, then on the Print dialog box choose Size Options - Fit on Page.
  2. Click on Properties button, on the Basic Tab - under Original Paper Size, choose Ledger 11 x 17. Under Color leave as Black and White or choose Auto for color. Under Paper Source, choose ByPass tray, under Destination, choose Upper Exit Tray.
  3. Click OK.
  4. You are back at the Print dialog box, look at the little display of the image to be printed, that it looks correct. Possibly change Orientation.
  5. Click the Print button.
  6. Walk up to Toshiba, open ByPass tray, put in your 11x 17 paper. Swipe card, release job. Nothing is printing at this point. (do these steps exactly)
  7. Press the Print key then touch the Job Status that is flashing. Click on Jobs tab, then touch the ByPass tray that is shown on the little picture of a printer.
  8. Press Start on the keypad. Your job should print pulling the paper from the ByPass tray.


  1. File, Print, then Printer Properties.
  2. Print dialog box appear, under Original Paper Size & Print Paper Size, choose Ledger 11 x 17.
  3. Under Color leave as Black and White or choose Auto for color. Under Paper Source, choose ByPass tray, under Destination, choose Upper Exit Tray.
  4. Click OK.

Toshiba - How to Copy using ByPass Tray

  1. Place the original paper face down on window, to the far left top corner as possible.
  2. Log In or Swipe your Card, press the Copy button.
  3. Put the paper (you want to copy onto face up) into the ByPass tray found on right side, which needs pulled down to open. Adjust tray width if needed.
  4. Press green Start button.
    If you follow these steps exactly the machine has sensors that will figure out what you want to do. Putting the paper into the ByPass tray alerts the machine for you.

Toshiba Setting up Email Addresses for Departmental Use - How to Steps:
(this would be set up for use on a departmental printer/copier only)

  1. Once you are logged into the copier/printer. Press the Menu button on key pad, then the Users Functions button, then touch Addresses.
  2. You will see a list of entry numbers to use under Single or Group tabs. Touch on a blank number, then touch the Entry button.
  3. Touch the First Name button to type in persons name. Also touch on the Email button to add their entire email address. Notice the @ button on the letter typewriter display. Touch OK after adding their name and also after adding their email addresses.
  4. You can also create a Group, typing in a Group name, then adding each person's name and email address. When you send the Group name the entire group of users will get the attachment.
  5. Touch Close when finished adding users & groups.
  6. Press the Access key once or Function Clear button twice on key pad, or let it time out (45 seconds).

Toshiba Faxing - How to Steps:

  1. Once you are logged into the copier/printer.
  2. Press the Fax button on key pad.
  3. Touch the Input Fax No button.
  4. Touch to type in the telephone number (be sure to start with 9), click OK.
  5. Put papers in tray or paper face down on copier to fax.
  6. Touch the Send button. It will scan then Faxes & logs you out of the Toshiba.
    Tip: To verify faxes sent go into the Job Status, click on Sent & it will show date & time. If a fax fails you will get a printed paper. The fax will try 3 times to complete. Long distance faxes do have charges applied.

Toshiba Tips

  • Default Printer - Campus computers should already be defaulted to choose Toshiba or Lexmark duplex and details here to change the default.
  • Cancel Job & Log Out - Hit Access key once or Function Clear key twice on key pad. When the question, Do you want to log out? appears, touch Yes
  • Labels - Copier Labels is the type needed
  • Color Jobs - You can adjust color on a scanned or copied job. The default to Scan & Copy is setup for Black & White.
    The default is black and white when printing from your computer. If you want to print color, you must make the change in the settings from your computer. Recommended is Auto color. Details here.
  • Function Clear Key - Press this button on keypad to clear away any settings to go back to default. For example, you set one type of copy or scan and want to start another function. Function key will erase any settings to start again in default mode. In fact the function key will flash when a setting is being held in it to remind you.
  • Paper - Paper faces down on ByPass tray. Paper prints on top, facing up in the drawers. The paper by default pulls from bottom right side tray first.
  • Cancel Jobs - To stop a print job from printing, press the Interrupt key, then go into Job Status, Jobs tab, select the job on the list, touch Delete. To stop a Copy job, press Stop, then Job Status, Jobs tab, select the job on the list, touch Delete.
  • Place the Doc Feeder in down position - The will appear when you put a piece of paper in the top feeder tray. Push down on the top of the lid. If someone opened the top feeder tray (for a jam) & didn’t snap it back down snug to fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print single sided?
The campus default settings are to print duplex (both sides). If you want to print single sided it must be chosen at the computer. When you choose Print, notice you have various printers to choose from besides the default under the drop down arrow. In Word, click on File, Print, then in the printer drop down you will find the printer name of Find Me Toshiba Single Sided to be selected for single sided printing. Follow these same details if you are using a Lexmark. Change default printer details.
The orange Job Status is flashing on the Toshiba & no one can Print, how can I fix this?
Someone needs to be logged on, so swipe your card. Press the Print key on keypad. Touch the flashing orange Job Status on the display, then touch the Jobs tab, select the first job, top of list (if there is a list) and touch the Delete button. Once that first job has been deleted any remaining jobs that were released and appear on the Job tab list, will print. You can delete the jobs on this list if you are sure no one is waiting for them.

Job Status flashing can happen if someone chooses a size of paper that is not in the drawers. This can be done at a computer or if when someone selects a large paper size on the Toshiba and tries to Copy or Scan. If that is the case you can add the paper to the ByPass tray (found on right side, that needs pulled down) Then go into the Job Status, select the ByPass tray, and then it will print pulling from the ByPass tray.

Job Status
will also flash when the machine is out of paper & someone has tried to print. Once you fill the paper, the job status flashing will go away and it will start printing. Nothing else needs done except add the paper.
When I print the paper has a black line on it, what can I do?
Use a clean white sheet of paper to wipe down the slit of  glass (the small narrow strip of glass that is to the left of the large glass sheet). This strip of glass is about an inch wide all the way on the left when you open the top lid of the Toshiba.
Wipe this glass area at least two times, and the black line should not appear when you print.  It's best to use white copy paper, rather than a paper towel because the sheet of clean paper is more abrasive and cleans better without leaving any paper fibers or residue.

If you notice that there was some black toner residue on the Platen Sheet; specifically, underneath the plastic guides of the Platen Sheet, clean that area too.

If this fails to help then email helpdesk@dickinson.edu and give your problem details, what you tried and the printer number (found on the front label) and the HIG folks will have to service it.
As an employee will I have to use my Dickinson id to print?
There are 3 ways now, you can release jobs online, click here for details.
Or to print from the machine you will need to log in by simply holding your card over the sensor. You can also type in your username & password. Touch the User id button, they the keyboard appears. Touch to type each letter for your username, then touch OK. Touch the Password button & type in your password. Notice the Shift key for any uppercase letters & Symbol for special characters.
With this new printing/copier system on campus you can print your job on any Toshiba or Lexmark on campus. In other words I can release my word document, then go to another building on campus and print the job.
How do I make multiple copies on the Toshiba?

First, put the original papers to be copied face up in the feed tray. Adjust if needed to zoom up or down, or 1-2 duplex if needed. If you want copies to be made and keep the pages in order for each copy then you will need to choose under Finishing, Sort or Staple, that will keep each copy together when making a copy. It will be separated by the way it lays on the finishing tray, for each copy. Once settings are chosen, then press on the keypad what number of copies you want make, then hit the Start button.

First, put the original papers to be copied face up in the feed tray. Adjust if needed to zoom up or down, or 1-2 duplex if needed. Once settings are chosen, then press on the keypad what number of copies you want make, then hit the Start button. This will copy pages in order, say you want 3 copies, you will get three of page 1, three of page 2, three of page 3, all on top of each other. By default the copier will copy in Non-Sort mode, which is found under the Finishing button.
The default is to print black and white, how do I print in color?
Click here for instructions when using Microsoft and browsers. See mac details below. Also details to set one tray for letterhead & the other for plain here.
I use a Mac, is there a way to set up so I can choose Color or Black and White? Yes, follow the steps here to set up presets on your computer.
Where is the printer id number?
The printer id is found on the label that is in the front middle section of the copier/printer. Anytime you need to contact the helpdesk by phone at 717-245-1000 or send an email to helpdesk@dickinson.edu you will need the printer type (Toshiba or Lexmark).
My Job doesn't appear when I get to the Printer/Copier or when I am in PaperCut?
Click or touch the Refresh button, it takes about 30 seconds for a job to appear.
Should I print from my office printer or send it to the Print Center?
Print Center jobs will be more cost effective for high volume jobs and they will provide better quality.
Sometimes when I use the top feeder tray jams when making a copy, what am I doing wrong?
It makes a difference how the paper is laying in the drawers.
Two drawer Toshiba paper drawers need to be set up this way:
Top drawer needs to be portrait
Bottom drawer needs to be landscape
Three drawer Toshiba:
Top drawer needs to be landscape
2nd & 3rd drawers portrait

If the drawers are set up this way, it does not matter how you lay the paper in the feeder.
How do I get back to my list of jobs to print?
Press the black Menu button, then on the screen touch on Paper Cut (on top right corner of touch panel)
I work for various departments and want to be sure I am printing to that departments account, how will that work?
Details here.
With Papercut is there a way to retrieve history to reprint documents? Using the Swipeless Papercut online program you can certainly see your history but you can not reprint documents.
Is there any way to change the timed setting?  If I’am at the copier/printer with multiple jobs to copy, and it times out and logs me off.
There is not a way to change the settings at your machine. The best thing to do is keep touching the machine for it will then remain logged on.
Can I print envelopes?
With the heat of the Toshiba printers they do not recommend printing directly on them. Instead use Copier Labels which need to be created & make sure they say to be used for High Heat printers.
Our office is using Legal Sized Paper & we would like to set up a drawer to hold that paper, how is this set up?
This has to be set up by a technician, so email helpdesk, be sure to include printer type and the number on the label. A ticket will be created and sent to HIG. If it is just once in a while, use the ByPass tray that folds down to open on far right side of machine.
What type of labels should I use in these new printer/copiers?
Copier labels should be used in these machines. Labels can be added to the drawers, choose Thickness of #1, or they can be added in the Bypass tray (tray that opens down on right side). Face labels down on this tray. These labels need to be for High Heat copiers/printers.
How do I order Staples and Toner for the new office copier/printer?
The machines will notify HIG when it is low but should need some please email helpdesk@dickinson.edu and be sure to include type and number of printer. (Example: Toshiba e6540 or Lexmark 734) Then also the number of printer can be found on the label in front of the machine.( 0001 and so on) Staples and Toner are not paid by the departments.
Has the Paper ordering procedure changed?
No, follow same procedure you have in the past.
Where can I get more information about my Multifunctional Printer/Copier Device? Video's and step by step how to documents can be found here. Most devices will have the manual left at the time of install, either inside or beside the machines.
What should I do with any extra Toner from our old & new Copier/Scanner?
LIS has a partnership with the Higher Information Group & Keystone Human Services in Cartridges for Canines. A recycling box is located in each office building on campus for recycling used toner and printing cartridges. Please discard empty inkjet and toner cartridges in the box and someone will collect them monthly. The recycled cartridges will then be sold to create funds to support the Susquehanna Service Dogs program.
How do I turn the printer off?
We recommend not turning the printer off. Contact the helpdesk first, but if you are instructed to turn it off, press on the black button above the words Energy Saver on the panel, not the switch on the side. Do this should you have a problem and the helpdesk is not available.
I get an over quota message on the Toshiba when I try to copy, what does this mean? As an employee I have no quota.
If you keep getting this error when you try to copy, logging out & back in should fix it. It is a known problem with this software, but only when making a copy.
The last solution would be to power the machine off & back on, be aware that it could take up to 8-9 minutes to come back on.
On the Toshiba control panel, it shows a little stack of paper with a number beside it, on a drawer, do you know why?
They have thick paper selected for that drawer. Go into User Function and pick the Drawer, then pick paper type, then select plain paper and press ok.
Who can help me?
Email questions about copier/printer to helpdesk@dickinson.edu or call 717-245-1000 during business hours (8am-5pm).
Questions about tutorials? Email gribble@dickinson.edu
Questions about printers/copiers? Email helpdesk@dickinson.edu