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What's New in Office 2013! - 2013 How To Video's - On YouTube
Office 2010 Tutorials at Dickinson College - Since the upgrade to this new version isn't that different , these tutorials can still be useful.
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Word - Reference Guide
Outlook - Reference Guide
PowerPoint - Reference Guide
Excel - Reference Guide
Access - Reference Guide
Publisher - Reference Guide
Microsoft's Office Blog of How to Video's:
Working with Photos in Office 2013
Get to know the new Office 2013
Save Time! Use a Template

Tutorials & Video's

Outlook 2013 - What's New

Adding a Departmental Email Account to your Outlook
Adding Public Departmental Calendar to Favorites
Public Calendar Missing & How to Get it Back!
Shared Calendars
Categorize - Appointments or Emails
Quick Steps - Forward & Reply
Quick Parts
Out of Office or Automatic Replies
Recover Deleted Emails
Sorting & Saving Attachments
Email Quota Tips
Send Word Files as Email Body
Rule to Automatically Reply a Message
How to Videos:
Outlook 2013 - Quick View of the New Look of Outlook 2013
Copy Emails - How to copy emails into a folder from Outlook

Excel 2013 - What's New

Setting up your Excel file
Hyperlink one Excel workbook to another
Copy or Move Worksheets
Data Entry Form
Header & Footers
Pointer Shapes & Cursor Movements
Templates - Make Life Easier!
Error Messages & Meanings
Functions & Formulas
Compare 2 Columns for Duplicate & Unique Cells
3D Charts
Microsoft's Shortcut & Function Keys
Protect Worksheets/Workbooks
Apply a Color to Every Other Row
Edit Cells Quickly

Word 2013 - What's New

All Merges - Setting up Excel
Labels & Badges - Quick Sheet
Letters - Quick Sheet
Email - Quick Sheet
Directory - Quick Sheet
Styles, 3D & Cool Effects:
Text Boxes - Adding Quotes, Sidebars & More
Smart Art
Word Art
Functions & Features:
AutoCorrect & AutoFormat
Combine Multiple Documents
Quick Parts
Insert & Delete Page Breaks & Section Breaks
Insert File Name, Location, Date & Time & more
Page Numbers Different Sections
Bullets & Numbered Lists
Tables Basics
Table Styles
Tables Advanced
Trouble Shooting:
Removing Blank Lines & Quickly!

Power Point 2013 - What's New

Microsoft's Online Tutorial
Clip Art


Microsoft Office Picture Manager - Editing Images or Photos - Video
Photo Gallery - Editing Photos - Video
Saving Files as PDF
Need a Calendar?

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