IMPORTANT! Make sure your connection works before you move furniture in front of your network jack.

Connect the network cable from the wall jack to the back of the computer. It should snap easily into place in both locations.

Make sure you are using an Ethernet cable.  It should have 8 little metal "teeth" in the plastic connectors at both ends (see diagram). A phone cord has only 4 metal "teeth" in each connector. 

Will fit, but won't work.

Make sure the cable's connectors audibly "click" upon insertion into the wall jack and the Ethernet card's jack.

In many larger campus residences, all network jacks are active. These residences include:

  • all Quads:
  • Adams
  • Drayer
  • Denny Apts:
    159-163-165-169-171 W. High St.
  • KW
  • Malcolm
  • Mathews (Arts Haus)
  • McKenney suites
  • Townhouses:
    373-377-379-381-383 W. Louther
  • Witwer
Individual Addresses:
  • 19 W. High St
  • 23 W. High St
  • 25 W. High St
  • 27 W. High St
  • 155 W. High St
  • 173 W. Louther St
  • 417 W. Louther St
  • 425 W. Louther St

In all other residences, only one network jack in a pair will be active.

Usually it is the top or left jack of a pair, as shown below:

If you cannot get a connection from the top or left jack, try switching to the other jack instead. In a few cases, the other jack is the active jack. Try every network jack before you give up!