Teaching with Technology Workshops : Spring 2010

20 Minute Tech

Social Bookmarking & RSS Feeds
Fri 2/19-2:30 Tome 118
Mon 2/22-12:30 Denny 115

What's Your Opinion? - 4 Tools to Create a Survey
Wed 3/23 Tome 118 at 1 & 1:30 pm
Thu 3/25 Stern 011 at 10:30 & 11 am

Moodle in 20 minutes
Wed 4/7 Kaufman 178 - 11:30 - 12
Tue 4/13 Denny 112 - 12 - 12:30

Full TWT Sessions

Flip, Clip & post
Wed 2/24   12-1pm  Bosler Microroom

GIS-Census Data
Tue 3/9  12-1pm  Information Commons Classroom

Wikis in Education
Wed 4/21 Location TBA


20 Minute Tech: Social Bookmarking & RSS

Have you ever gotten to class and can't find the link you wanted to show because it was bookmarked on your office computer? Social bookmarking solves this problem by allowing your bookmarks to always be with you. RSS feeds allow to you compile all of your favorite blogs into one tidy spot where you can read them all at the same time. We will give you a quick 20 minute crash course on social bookmarking & rss feeds to get you started.

Trainings will be offered:
Friday 2/19 at 2:30 in Tome 118
Monday 2/22 at 12:30 Denny 115

20 Minute Tech: What's Your Opinion? - 4 Tools to Create a Survey

Need a quick way to schedule an event, poll your class, collect data for a project or evaluate a presentationís effectiveness. Join us for a quick 20-minute crash course on some simple and free survey tools.

Trainings will be offered:
Tuesday, March 23 at 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. in Tome 118
Thursday, March 25 at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. in Stern 011

Moodle in 20 minutes

This session will focus on a quick approach to setting up a course in Moodle. Discussion topics will include:

  • Bulk uploading of files
  • Creating folders and moving files quickly in the files area
  • Renaming files
  • Displaying a directory in the course topic or weekly outline
  • Backing up and restoring a previous course
  • Questions

Wed 4/7 Kaufman 178 - 11:30 - 12
Tue 4/13 Denny 112 - 12 - 12:30

Flip, Clip & Post

Bosler Microroom (020) 12-1pm  Wednesday Feb. 24th
The Media Center's new Flip video cameras make it easier than ever to incorporate video into your course projects. We will show you how to point, click, record, download, clip and upload videos. Will be using flip Cameras, iMovie , and YouTube.

Flips are great for:

  • recording experiments and demonstration
  • practicing performances, speeches, and techniques
  • conducting interviews

Please bring a brown bag lunch. Dessert will be provided. RSVPs are not required but are helpful.

GIS: Census 2010: Stand Up and Be Counted

Wednesday March 9th 12-1pm Information Commons Classroom (library)

2010 marks the 23rd United States Census, conducted every 10 years since 1790.  In addition to being used to allocate Congressional seats, electoral votes, and government program funding, census data collected by the U.S. government also offers academic researchers and social scientists a wealth of information for analyzing the complex and changing demographics of American communities.  Join us in kicking off this census year by exploring some simple ways in which GIS technology can be used to assemble, analyze, and map census data.