Friends of the Library

In October 1971, in anticipation of Dickinson's bicentennial celebration, a group of faculty and alumni met to discuss the possible creation of an organization to support the ongoing growth and development of the Boyd Lee Spahr Library. This group comprised the core of a larger committee which would see to the administration of the Friends of the Dickinson College Library, a newly established "society of book-lovers, sharing a common interest in history, literature and the prosperity of Dickinson College as a community of students and scholars." From the beginning, this group viewed itself as providing support for both the library in general as well as the rare books and special collections more particularly.

The Friends continue a tradition begun at the time of the school's founding, giving to the college as John Dickinson and Benjamin Rush did two centuries ago, giving of themselves in the common pursuit of knowledge. The Friends of the Dickinson College Library encourages everyone to join who shares in this pursuit and feels a strong commitment to personal growth through learning.