Sponsored Registration Instructions

Faculty and staff may create a sponsored guest registration for visitors to campus that require access to the guest network for one to five days. Only faculty and staff only are permitted to create sponsored accounts.

To begin the registration process, please connect to the following link:


1.      At the first screen enter your network user name and password:

 2.      Click on “Guest Manager” or if you click "Create new guest account" skip to step 4.

 3.      Click on Create New Guest Account:

 4.      At the new visitor account screen please enter the following information:

·         Visitor’s Name

·         Company name

·         Telephone Number    

·         Email Address – this allows the account to be sent directly to the guest

·         Account Activation – when account will activate

·         Expire after – account can be active for up to 5 days

·         Check Terms of Use

·         Click on Create Account box


 5. After guest receives their account they can connect to the guest wireless network and enter the account information to access the network.