Computer Name & Workgroup Settings

Each computer on Dickinson's network must have a unique name. The majority of computers ship with generic names such as "OEM Computer." When this is not changed, individuals on Dickinson's ResNet will see error messages and may not be able to access the Internet or campus network drives.

  • From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
  • Open the Performance and Maintenance control panel
  • Then open the System control panel
  • The System Properties control panel will open.
  • Select the Computer Name tab.
  • Enter a description of your computer.
  • Then click on the Change button.
  • Type your username as the Computer name.
  • Type RESNET as the Workgroup.
    XP Pro users ONLY: Make sure you select Workgroup and not Domain!
  • Click OK.
  • A window will then pop up welcoming you to the RESNET workgroup.
  • Click OK.
  • Another window will pop up telling you you must restart. Click OK.
  • Restart your computer for the network settings to take full effect