Mapping the Y: drive

  • Right-click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive...
  • Select Y: as the drive letter
  • Type \\files\students$ as the folder.
    This is not a typo; you need the $ (dollar sign) at the end!
  • If you want your network drive to be connected every time you start your computer, check the Reconnect at logon box.
  • Then click on Connect using a different user name. Do not click on Finish yet!
  • Type fas\username (use your own username) in the User name box
  • Type in your network password
  • Click OK
  • Then click Finish in the Map Network Drive window after the Connect As... window disappears.
  • Then the the Y drive should open on your screen.
  • Open the folder with the first letter of your username.
  • Open the folder for your username.

This is your personal network folder:

  • Only you can access your private folder
  • Everyone on ResNet can access your public folder
  • Within your public folder is a drop folder, into which other users can 'drop' files they want you to have. Though others can put files in, only you can open your drop folder and view the files inside.