TCP/IP Settings

The IP settings that XP has set by default are perfect for Dickinson's ResNet. However, if you had changed your network settings previously, if you are unsure, or would just like to double-check, here are the steps to follow:

  • From the Start Menu, choose Control Panel.
  • Choose Network and Internet Connections
  • Choose Network Connections.
  • Open (double-click) Local Area Connection
  • Click on Properties
  • IMPORTANT: To protect yourself
    from worms and viruses, UNCHECK
    File and Printer Sharing as in the
    example to the right.
  • Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on Properties.
  • Obtain an IP address automatically should be selected
  • Obtain DNS server address automatically should be selected
  • then click Advanced...
  • Click on the IP Settings, DNS, and WINS tabs. (Don't worry about the Options tab) The settings on your computer should match the images to the right and below
  • Click on OK to get back to the Internet Protocol Properties window...
  • then click OK again to close that window and get back to the Local Area Connection Properties window...
  • then click Close to close that window and apply the network settings.

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