TCP/IP Settings

Windows Vista has DHCP (dynamic network addressing) active by default. However, if you had changed your network settings previously, if you are unsure, or would just like to double-check, here are the steps to follow:

Open Control Panel

Choose Network and Internet.

Open Network and Sharing Center


Click on View status.


The Local Area Connection Status window will appear.

Click on Properties.


Note: Any option with the Windows security shield next to it will require an extra step to authorize the action. You will be asked to enter an Administrator's password if you are not currently logged in as an Administrator of your computer.


The Local Area Connection Properties window will open.

Highlight TCP/IPv4 in the list and then click on Properties.


Obtain an IP address automatically should be selected.

Obtain DNS server address automatically should be selected.


Click OK in all windows to apply the network settings.

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