Accessing your network folder (aka The Y Drive)

1. From the Go menu in the Finder, select Connect to Server.
2. In the Server Address box, type smb://files/students$, then click Connect.
3. If you are logged into a Dickinson-owned computer, the folder may open automatically. If not, keep following these directions to log in.
4. If a login window appears, choose Connect as a Registered User. Enter your Dickinson username and network password.

Then click Connect.
5. The Students network volume should then open. Find the folder with the first letter of your username, and open it.

(The Students volume icon will also appear on your desktop.)
6. Then open the folder for your username.
7. In your personal folder, you have a private folder and a public folder. Only you can access your private folder, but everyone on ResNet can access your public folder.
8. To disconnect the volume (log off), simply drag the Students volume to the trash. The trash icon will change to a 'Disconnect' icon.