RSA Services

If your computer has a spyware problem (e.g., pop-ups, browser hijacks, poor computer performance) we may install/update the following programs:

For spyware removal:

For spyware prevention:

. AdAware
. SpyBot Search & Destroy

. Windows Defender(Windows 2000 & XP)
. Spyware Blaster (Windows 98 & ME)

If your computer has a virus, we may:

  • Run our own virus scanners to remove the virus
  • Attempt to update your current anti-virus software
  • Uninstall conflicting anti-virus software if more than one program is installed. We will usually uninstall the software that is oldest, expired, free trial, etc., at our discretion. We will inform you of this action.
  • Inform you if your anti-virus subscription has expired and help you re-subscribe
  • Help you install antivirus software that you have purchased

PLEASE NOTE: If your computer has been blocked from Dickinson 's network by the network administrators, the RSA must certify that your computer is clean AND that you have up-to-date, auto-updating, real-time protection anti-virus software installed before your computer will be allowed back onto the network. This will probably mean that you will have purchase anti-virus software, or purchase a new subscription for your anti-virus software. This can cost you from about $20-$50, depending on the options you have available to you.

If your computer cannot access the internet, we may:

  • Reinstall and/or update the software drivers for your network adapter
  • Physically remove (if possible) your network adapter and reinstall it
  • Attempt to install one of our network adapters for troubleshooting purposes

In all cases, the RSA may:

  • Update your operating system with the latest critical updates and security patches
  • Change security settings on your web browser
  • Remove System Restore points
  • Install and/or run software tools for troubleshooting purposes which may not remain on your computer
  • Set your operating system to download and install system updates automatically in the future
  • Change your computer name and workgroup name
  • Delete temporary system and internet files
  • Inform you of any items that need your attention
  • Perform any of the services already described above

The RSA will also label and make note of any additional items you bring, including:

  • Laptop power supply
  • CDs/DVDs in your computer
  • External/swappable drives
  • Laptop bag

Turnaround Time:
The RSA tries to have all computers back to the owners within one week from the dropoff date. However, we can make no guarantees, since we never know what we are getting into until the computer is started up and we determine the extent of the problem. The RSA strives to communicate regularly via email with student customers. If necessary, students may pick up their computers at any time, regardless of the state of repair at the time. In those cases, the RSA cannot take responsibility for the operational state of the unfinished computer.