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What types of blogs are Dickinson students writing?

  • Several of our abroad students are recording their experiences.
  • The PLUS students from Middle Eastern countries are recording their experiences here at Dickinson.
  • Prof Kupetz’s English class is recording their experiences working with the disabled at the Steven’s Center.


Clarke Forum

Clarke ForumThe Clarke Forum connects the students and faculty of Dickinson College and members of the broader community with scholars, practicing professionals and activists through the use of lectures, seminars, and conferences. By encouraging engagement with these visitors in ways that allow for dialogue and critical reflection, The Clarke Forum helps prepare students to become knowledgeable, productive, and intellectually active citizens and leaders. The Clarke Forum also provides a space where faculty from many perspectives can come together to discuss ideas and solutions to social problems. With events that are free and open to the public, The Clarke Forum is a vital part of the community, continually enhancing public awareness and understanding of critical contemporary issues.

Content DM

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GamingComputer games, both commercial and educational, have been widely discussed by educators for the last couple of years for their ability to engage students for long periods of time within a simulated context. We have "serious" games that focus on topics such as politics and history as well as popular commercial games that can be played in foreign languages taught at Dickinson.




House Divided

House DividedCurrently under development, this is a comprehensive archive of primary source documents, timeline entries, biographical profiles, and images about the people and circumstances that led to the outbreak of the American Civil War.  Designed to be a resource for primary and secondary school teachers.






ICONIcon is a digital image repository designed to organize image and multimedia collections. Faculty members are encouraged to add their own personal collections so the campus community can use those collections in other courses. We will go over how to use the collections stored within ICON as well as describing how to go about setting up a personal collection for your own images.





MixxerThe Mixxer is a website created by Todd Bryant to connect language learners via Skype for language exchanges. For those not familiar with the Tandem organization in Europe, a language exchange is a meeting between two people, each studying the others native language. The learners then meet for a designated period time, speaking each language for half of the time. Professors can also organize events, whereby I ask native speakers to sign up for a language exchange with our students during class time. The Mixxer is an integral part of the Japanese language program and is used frequently in Spanish, German, Italian, and most recently Chinese.

From the website - "The Mixxer is a free educational community for language learners and teachers to find a language partner for a language exchange. The language partner is someone who speaks the language you study as their native language and is studying your native language. The partners then meet online to help each other practice and learn a foreign language."


PodcastsDickinson has been creating a large collection of podcasts over the past few semesters.  One method has been assigning students to create podcasts as part of a larger research project.  Students research a particular topic and then take a portion of what they have discovered and create engaging, informative recordings to educate the greater public on the subject.  These podcasts are then posted to the Dickinson Blog and a feed is created on Itunes so the greater public can easily subscribe to it.













Teaching Center Without Walls


Welcome to the TCWW Community Blog, a collaborative electronic handbook on teaching at Dickinson, written for and by faculty.  In addition to providing a clearing house for information and observations about effective pedagogy, here you will also find information about upcoming TCWW events, Dickinson policies, and other news and information related to teaching.





Dickinson College Wiki

Dickinson Wiki

The Wiki is a very simple web page that anyone can edit. It is great for creating group web projects because people can edit them anywhere without any extra software.