Language Support

Academic Technology provides technical support for the foreign languages with a focus on authentic materials, collaboration, and social interaction within the target language. Faculty can get ideas by following our Ed Tech blog or by following @bryantt or @MixxerSite on Twitter.



For tutorials including foreign language keyboards and writing to the blog, check out our "How Do I" section.

Take a study break and try a game in the Media Center hallway in the basement of Bosler. We have a Japanese Wii for check-out and PC games including Prince of Persia, Civilization IV, and Mass Effect.


Professors, some ideas to consider when planning your course:


Organize a language exchange with native speakers and your students using Skype.

Use the CAN8 language learning system for audio or video based speaking and listening comprehension activities.

Find or organize images, video, and text suitable to the language and level of your students.

  • Icon (images and video)
  • Artsor (images)
  • Selected Internet Resources (images, video, text)
  • Have students journal and discuss their thoughts or experiences on a blog.
  • Have students work together to create a multimedia project in IMovie, a text based project on the Dickinson Wiki, or a combination of both. Take advantage of specialized software in the Bosler labs.
  • Can 8 language learning system
  • Babylon dictionary software
  • Antidote French Grammar Tool
  • Microsoft Proofing Tools for Spelling and Grammar
  • Games in Foreign Languages
  • Google Earth