Academic Technology Workshops : Fall 09

Flip Cameras : Workshop

Tuesday Oct. 13th 12PM

Bosler Microroom (022)

Join us to check out our new Flip video cameras which make it easier than ever to incorporate video into your course projects.   How to point, click, record, download, and upload videos.  Will be using flip Cameras, iMovie , and YouTube.
Great for :

  • recording experiments and demonstration
  • practicing performances, speeches, and techniques
  • conducting interviews

Wordpress Multiuser Blogs: Presentation

Tuesday Nov. 17th 12PM

Bosler 214

With the newest version of WordPress, individual students, faculty, and classes can have their own custom blog.  These are particularly useful for those looking to reach a wider audience than their classroom.  E-portfolios, community study projects, internships, study abroad, and student research are all good examples.  Blogs in each category will be demonstrated along with a quick how-to.


GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day: Open Reception

Wednesday Nov. 18th 12PM-2pm

Rector Atrium

Come out to celebrate GIS day! Learn about what types of GIS projects are being developed on campus. Play games & win prizes. Learn how to use GPS on your Iphone or Blackberry. Play with ArcGIS & Google Earth!


Moodle Advanced : Workshop

Tuesday Dec 15th 12PM

Bosler Microroom (022)

You have seen the basics of Moodle and are now ready to jump into some of the extra features you may not have even know existed. We will cover blogs, wikis, gradebook, quizzes & assignments as well as any questions you may have. We will help you to prepare your Moodle courses for the upcoming Spring semester.