Can8 Installation

The easiest way to get Can8 to to email Todd, and ask for instructions. He will then send you the files directly, which makes things easier. However, if you're adventurous, you can follow the instructions below as well.


You must have already registered on ResNet and have RealPlayer installed. If you have had trouble connecting to resnet, email Todd Bryant for instructions and installation files via email. For more information on Resnet visit the Resnet webpage. Real Player can be downloaded for free at . Be sure to select the free version and not the 14 day trial.

Click on the Start button for Windows, bottom left of the screen

Click on Run

type in \\resserv\ressetup (notice the direction of the slashes)

It will ask you to login in. Type FAS\username where username is your regular login, (smithb etc) and then your password

Open the Window Installers folder

Open the Can 8 folder

Copy the svssetup.exe and SV.INI files to your desktop

Double click on the svssetup.exe on your desktop

Check the "I agree box"

Click Next

Copy SV.INI file to C:\Windows, do this by double clicking on My Computer, double clicking on the Windows folder, and then drag the SV.INI file from your desktop to the Windows Folder

Double Click on the Can8 icon. Your username is the same username you use for everything. Your password until you change it is pword.

Browse to the lessons for your lesson and make sure they work. If you're in Spanish, make sure the clip launches when you click on Episodio. If it says the path to the media player cannot be found, then open the SV.INI file in your C:\Windows folder. In the file you will see a path to your RealPlayer with any folders longer that 8 characters being shortened to first six followed by ~1.

This is an example of the line you might see. media_player="c:\progra~1\real\realpl~1\realplay.exe"

Now we have to correct the path. Open My Computer, Program Files, Real, etc until you find realplay.exe. If you went C->Program Files->Real->RealOnePlayer->realplay.exe for example, you have to change the line in SV.INI to media_player="c:\progra~1\real\realon~1\realplay.exe"

If that was hard to follow, or it you're still have problems, contact Todd Bryant at or call 254-8941