Microfilm Reader/Scanner Guide

Below is a guide to the digital microfilm / microfiche readers/scanners on the lower level.


1) Turn on the machine with the switch on the side before turning on the computer. 2) Insert the microfilm reel. Make sure the spool is feeding from the top and goes under the white guide.
3) Open the green film chute (by pulling it forward) and guide the film through it. 4) Thread the film through the slot in the take-up reel.
5) Turn the take-up reel knob clockwise to tighten the film around the take-up reel. 6) Advance or rewind the microfilm using the buttons.
7) Rotate the image using the image rotation knob. 8) On the lens, the grey dial controls the focus and the blue dial controls the zoom.


1) Turn on the machine with the switch on the side before turning on the computer. 2) Pull out the fiche carrier to open the fiche tray. Place the microfiche (face down with title at top) of the tray and gently push back under the lens until the tray closes.

Microfilm/Microfiche Scanning

1) Position the text/image you wish to scan inside the microform reader's on-screen brackets. 2) On the computer, open Adobe Acrobat (from the Desktop), then select File -> Import -> Scan
3) Set to scan at 300 DPI (higher DPI = more detailed image). If the film is white, set Film Type to positive. If the film is black, set it to negative. 4) Click the 'Scan' button to scan the microform page into Acrobat. Repeat steps 1-3 until end of document. Then you may print or email the file.
5) You may also save the PDF to your network folder. To access your network folder, double-click on My Computer on the Desktop. 6) Student network folders are stored on the Y: drive, while faculty network folders are stored on the T: drive. Both drives are organized by last name.